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Academic References - Australia

8 week project pilot was undertaken at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC) in the ACT - a collaborative prison yoga research project undertaken by The Yoga Foundation, the University of Canberra and the Australian National University in collaboration with ACT Corrective Services

  • YOGA IN PRISONS – how yoga and mindfulness benefit prison detainees (Article by Jenny Ellinghaus for Yoga for Travellers)
  • ‘’The participants mentioned a range of benefits from practising yoga such as being less anxious, being able to sleep more easily, having less physical pain, being more bodily aware, and having more freedom of movement. They seemed to really enjoy the experience and being able to complete the trial program.’’ – by Marcus Edwardes – Yoga Instructor at AMC


Women's imprisonment and recidivism: An illustrative analysis of Boronia Women's Pre-Release Centre (Western Australia) and progressive/open prison systems in Norway and Sweden


Good practice in women’s prisons: A literature review - by Dr Lorana Bartels and Antonette Gaffney (on behalf of the Australian Government, Australian Institute of Criminology)

  • Excerpt - Good prison practices are essential for the wellbeing of prisoners and the wider community. Not only do they provide assistance to one of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups within society, but they also benefit the wider community by providing adequate support and services to a group of people who will ultimately return to the community. The purposes of incarceration not only include retribution, punishment, deterrence and incapacitation, but also rehabilitation. In order for a prison to achieve this, it is essential to have prison practice models that support reintegration, facilitate personal development and reduce recidivism rates

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The Body Keeps the Score -   Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma  – by Bessel van Der Kolk M.D

  • “Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health; safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”