Who are we....?


Yoga on the Inside provides individual or group classes to people who are experiencing (or have experienced) significant difficulties within their lives, with mindfulness to draw on their yoga practice even when they’re not doing yoga e.g. through breath awareness, meditation, and body movement integrated with breach via asana or poses.

Our AIM is to make yoga accessible to ALL members of the community, in particular those who are on the fringes or marginalised.

The OBJECTIVE of such a specific and targeted program and practice is to bring an awareness to individuals so that they are able to increase sensitivity towards oneself and empathy for others; by getting them back in touch with their bodies. This creates a RIPPLE effect which benefits the WHOLE community. 

Our approach.....

The yoga instruction provided by Yoga on the Inside is a ‘trauma informed’ style of teaching which considers that the clients being taught are highly likely to have experienced some form of trauma in their lives and hence this approach to teaching is one which has the client’s physical and mental state in mind at all times.  

The instructors at Yoga on the Inside have undertaken specialised ‘trauma informed’ training to enable them to incorporate the skills and strategies required to teach ALL clients (whether or not they suffer from trauma related symptoms or issues).

The classes taught by Yoga on the Inside instructors cater to all students from beginners to advanced students.

Our services


Yoga on the Inside brings yoga to men, women, and children in settings where they may reside or temporarily visit such as:-

· youth centres

· prisons

· detention and remand centres

· rehabilitation facilities

· domestic violence safe houses 

· schools

· other community group settings