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Coordinator - PCYC RUBY Program (for women impacted by Domestic Violence)

" It was a great session and the ladies who were there said they loved it.”   - May 2019

Violence Prevention Coordinator - Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre

 "all the feedback was positive and all of them intend on returning this week" - May 2019

Prison Yoga Project - Live Be Yoga | San Quentin Prison & Yoga

S.L. - Prisoner San Quentin California USA

 “Yoga and its emphasis on the power of a single breath has promoted for me a respect for life and a profound realisation of the destructive force of violence.”

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Accessible yoga for prisoners....and more about how Yoga on the Inside was born

From humble beginnings and a passion for karma-yoga (giving back) Yoga on the Inside was born.

The opportunity and need to make yoga accessible to those members of our society who are often seen as underserving, is what had driven me (Sonia) to bring this trauma-informed yoga practice to this incarcerated population of individuals.   The NEIS Program (run via Sarina Russo) is what helped launch this passion-project of mine, along with the never-waivering support from the international Prison Yoga Project.

Providing prisoners with a means and an opportunity to learn about compassion to themselves and to others is at the heart of what we are able to achieve with this program.

LinkedIn article by QLD Corrective Services

See what QCS (Queensland Corrective Services) is saying about the positive effects the Yoga on the Inside trauma-informed program is having with a group of it's female prisoners.....click here